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 Rinyuko'shimrhi Kyushimar "Rin"

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PostSubject: Rinyuko'shimrhi Kyushimar "Rin"   Tue Aug 25, 2009 5:03 pm

Name : Rinyuko'shimrhi Kyushimar
Alias : Rin
Age : Older than most
Height : Not too tall
Weight : If you ask, you get zapped
Hair Colour : Misty Blue
Eye Colour : Blood Red
Race : Guado

Physical Appearance :

A girl of moderate height and a scrawny appearance, she doesn't look very athletic or strong at all. Instead she has a sort of aristocratic appearance, looking very sophistocated and intelligent. She seems to also like beading her hair, as several strands hang from her hair, beaded to the bottom. She has eyes that make you feel uneasy, yet very calm. She sends gentle smiles and ruthless glares. She seems to have long, claw-like nails from her hand.

Attitude and Behaviour :

She's nice more than 80% of the time, sending a caring smile wherever she goes. She doesn't seem to care much that she's not stronger than most fiend, or even hardly any fiend. She's calm around most people, but doesn't seem to like Al Bhed that much. She also seems to be uneasy or uncaring around men.

Biography :

Years before the Eternam Calm, Rin had lived in Bevelle. A large city, with many machina. During the day that Sin was forever eliminated, she was peering out her window, to watch the glorious sight. Years later, she set out away from her home considering the fact that she didn't like the enormous city, and none of the people there interested her. She left for Besaid where she looks for a new home and a new love.
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Rinyuko'shimrhi Kyushimar "Rin"
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