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 Bralor Aka "Bob, Stalker"

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PostSubject: Bralor Aka "Bob, Stalker"   Sat Aug 29, 2009 3:40 pm

Theme Song:Hammerfall - Last man Standing

Murderer, Stalker, Sociopath, Protector, Guardian, Humanitarian, people call Bralor all sorts of things few actually know him. Having grown up in the wilds between towns he learned to fight and hide from fiends at a age where most would be playing blitzball. Cold calculating and without remorse he thrived in the wilderness until saving a group of yevonites who turned out to be high ranking members of the new church of yevon. Now a shadow agent and a unoffical arm of the church he hunts hides and investigates anything that might help to prevent a second massacre and ignorance to the threat to spira that the old church allowed to exist. Though many alienate him few stop to see the larger picture and thus only see the few cold actions of a individual.
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Bralor Aka "Bob, Stalker"
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