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 Tyr "The Ghost"

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PostSubject: Tyr "The Ghost"   Tue Aug 26, 2008 4:15 am

[Name: Tyr]
[Nick name: 'The Ghost'']
[Height: 5'9]
[Weight: 210]
[Eyes: Bright Green (oddly he makes no effort to hide them)]
[Hair: Braided Blonde]
[Skin: Pale(most likely due to the suits he wears)]
[Age: 23]
[Profession: Scout]
[Alignment: Lawful Neutral]
[Piercings: None]
[Tattoos: "Dues ex Machine" With a ghost holding a rifle on his right arm]
[Place of birth: Home]
[Theme songs: I Stand Alone - Godsmack]


//Yes he is there//
Tyr appears to be a very disciplined honorable though odd man. Either from what hes done in the past his isolation in the thunder plains and traveling alone, or because he just is insane, he has a unique sense of humor and makes friends poorly. A master of deception and disguise its suspected hes always roaming around watching various cities people and students. No one knows why he does but at least he seems calmer after he does. He sleeps out in a tent by a fountain outside of the academy and is often seen tinkering with odd objects around the academy. He seems to never talk about his past other then he was in the thunder plains.
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Tyr "The Ghost"
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