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 Valentine "Malace" Auranallyn-Lucardt

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PostSubject: Valentine "Malace" Auranallyn-Lucardt   Tue Aug 26, 2008 7:07 am

Name: Valentine Auranallyn-Lucardt (Aura-nay-lin loo-car-t)
Nicknames: Val, Malace, Mal
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Al Bhed
Place of Birth: Bikanel Island

"I can be cranky if I want to... now buzz off..."

Born on Bikanel Island, but raised in Bevelle, Valentine doesn't always share the views of her counter-parts. Though raised among Yevonites, Valentine refuses to cling to their belief systems, but also doesn't bother to cling to those of her Al Bhed relatives either.

Her parents were killed when she was young, and she was sent to live with her grandparents in Bevelle at the troublesome age of two. Though her grandparents had embraced some of Yevon's "traditions" and tried to pass them down to her, they never stuck.

Cranky and stand-off-ish, she doesn't make friends well, and makes a great deal more enemies because of a smart mouth and a low tolerance towards others. Forced into the academy because her grandparents felt it would "do her good" only made her worse.

Valentine shows no tolerance for men at all, especially those who attempt to turn on the charm. Unimpressed by being hit on, she spurns advances frequently. It is currently not known if there is someone important in her life.

Personal Note: Valentine hates her last name, and so never uses it. She feels that the hyphonated name she was given is pretentious, and so frequently drops it when introducing herself. She could change it if she wanted, but she's far too lazy.

Languages Known: Common & Al Bhed
Current Religion: NONE
Weapon(s) of Choice: Twin steel fans
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Valentine "Malace" Auranallyn-Lucardt
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