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 Ren "Renegade" Graes

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PostSubject: Ren "Renegade" Graes   Sat Aug 02, 2008 2:24 am

Originally this character was supposed to be a Liquid Metal Shapeshifter...

But for RP purposes...

Name: Ren Graes
Age: 21
Race: Human
Bio: He looks to be a simple young man but there's more to him.

He lived in Kilika during his childhood... that is, until SIN attacked and destroyed his family and home. Broken-hearted, he was adopted by another family who lost their son to Sin. Little Ren grew up knowledgable... and a good fighter. Now he travels all over Spira writing down what he learns in his Journal. There is something strange about him though. At times his hair is sticking out like he was struck by lightning but other times it's back to being scraggly.
He explains that when he was a Teenager, he was fiddling around with an Electrical generator trying to fix it up. He fixed it but the resulting energy surge struck him and nearly ended his life right then and there. The Overseers of the building saw what happened and managed to save his life. Over time, Ren's noticed that he usually zaps people with a tiny static charge each time he touches them. Curious, he went back to the building that he fixed up and told them about his "problem." It was later discovered that his body's electrical current was somehow amplified into an almost controllable voltage by that Generator's power surge. Now Ren's been learning how to focus his body's electrical energy and over the years, it's been growing.

Description: Ocean-blue eyes, firm muscle tone, scraggly brown hair and stands at about 5'9"

Special Skills: Tech-copy: He's watched fights go on and learned how to replicate the fighter's moves effortlessly. He calls it Tech-copy.

Weapons: Dual Longswords

Outfit: Wears a suit of Light Armor usually made of leather and hide.

1-4 are requests
1: Lightning Rod (REQUIRES BLADE!)
Details: Ren shoves one of his blades into the ground, sending an electric current into the earth forcing Lightning to strike one NEARBY Fiend or Foe.
Damage is 1D8 with a chance to stun. (Fort DC 14)

Details: After furthering his ability to control his body's electrical current, he can push his energy into his firearm's bullet, enhancing its speed, firepower and puncture-power up to 3X the damage.
Depending on the size of the firearm (Pistol sized) he is not affected. But anything that's classified as a Rifle will stun him for a few seconds.

3. Electro-Bomb
Details: Once again, after furthering his ability to control his electrical energy, he can focus his energy into a shield around him then expand it exponentially into what would be considered an Explosion, damaging nearby Fiends... and yes, allies as well. But the damage inflicted on allies and friendly targets are HALVED due to his attempted control. Damage is at least a 2D10, depending if he CHARGES his Blast first.

Details: After mastering his electrical energy, he can call upon every single volt of energy to increase his strength and speed. But he must roll a 1d10 to figure out how many slashes he will inflict on single/multiple enemies. If it's a single slash, all the damage and power will be funneled into that one attack. But if it's 10 slashes then the total damage will be divvied out to each target (if any) If it's a single foe, then it will inflict the same damage as a Single Slash. Damage depends on the weapons he uses but inflicts additional ELECTRIC/PIERCING damage due to his energy and speed.

Requesting approval for all four.

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PostSubject: Re: Ren "Renegade" Graes   Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:45 am

Any questions so far?
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Ren "Renegade" Graes
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