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 Overdrive Table idea thingy??

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PostSubject: Overdrive Table idea thingy??   Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:45 pm

I just had a little idea to make everyones overdrives balanced by having a kinda ability table thingy like the one below (note the below table is an example but still i think its fair)

Lvl 1 Overdrive: 10 points
lvl 2 Overdrive: 15 points
lvl 3 Overfrive: 20 points
lvl 4 Overdrive: 25 points

Damage (this is also the same chart for healing)
Base Damage: -1 (by this i mean if your hit damage is included in the overall overdrive damage)
1d4: -1
1d6: -2
1d8: -3
1d10: -4

note: this would be stackable so 3d4 damage would cost 3 points

Stat Mod Bonus
+1 mod: -1

note: Again this is stackable.

note: if your overdrive bonus stat/damage lasts more then 1 turn then you add up the points then x it by how many turns it lasts. Example: 1d4 damage + 1 str mod = 2 points the over drive lasts 2 turns so it costs 4 points.

Status Effects
Stun: -1
Freeze: -1
Paralize: -1
Burn: -1
-1 to rolls for a turn: -1
USER Drained for a turn (Can defend but misses next attack) : +2
USER Exhausted for a turn (Cant defend or attack for a turn) : +4

note: only 1 status effect can be in play at once. if you want the chance to do multiple effects (ie 1d4 dice roll) you must still pay for each effect that you want on the dice roll.

note: Example.. a lvl 1 overdrive. the user is stunned afterwards so they can spend 14 points instead of 10.

let me know what you think? :p just thought if everyone stuck to one system then there can be no arguments over whos overdrive is overpowerd ect ect
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Overdrive Table idea thingy??
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