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 [Caelum Guado]

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PostSubject: [Caelum Guado]   Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:22 pm

[Identity]: Caelum 'Cae' Guado
[Apparant Age]: 20-22
[Height]: 5'11''
[Weight]: 147 lbs
[Origin]: Guadosalam, Macalania Forest
[Hair Colouration]: Deep, russet curls with an odd conflagration of bold, red streaks that strike him as a bit peculiar given his unearthly pallour and irregular beauty.
[Eye Distinction]: Pale, Celestial Blue
[Appropriate Personality]: Cocky, Loud, Demanding
[Presumed Class]: Black Mage
[Distinctive Marks]: None, though he carries a slew of strange, religious symbols on his person and attire.
[In Game Description]: Dark, russet curls of wild silk anoint the fair face of this incredulous creature. Possessing the ardent flair of his race and yet none of the attachments, his stride depicts something a bit off and that cocky grin betrays any affiliation to something "predictable". Either way, the fair-faced musician needn't be taken lightly, what with that heavy flintlock hanging off his belt.
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[Caelum Guado]
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