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 Character Races

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PostSubject: Character Races   Sun Jul 27, 2008 1:23 pm

All nwn races will be translated into the human class, except Half-Orc.

Human- Adult
Elf- Teenager
Halfling- Child
Half-Orc- Ronso

Al Bhed
They differ biologically from humans in their bright green eyes with spiral-patterned irises and their blonde hair. As a result, they often wear goggles so they can walk among Yevonites (ironically, these goggles usually make them stand out even more). The Al Bhed are also the only group in Spira who openly oppose the teachings of Yevon, specifically the ban on machina and the use of the Final Summoning. For these reasons, they are often ostracized by the Yevonite majority. Despite this persecution, some Al Bhed have still managed to find acceptance

They are an arboreal humanoid race. They are set apart by their long limbs and fingers, pale skin, veins visible on the temples and forehead, and wild, tangled hair. Their hair ranges in color from more normal browns, blonds, and greys to vivid greens, and blues. They are the keepers of the entryway to the Farplane, where the dead are sent. The Guado possess the unique ability to "smell the deceased". The Guado were converted to Yevon by their leader, Jyscal Guado (later appointed a Maester of Yevon), but were ironically led down the path of ruin by Lord Jyscal's own son, the megalomaniacal Seymour Guado. After Sin was destroyed, the Guado, despised by the rest of Spira for their allegiance to Seymour, abandoned their ancestral city of Guadosalam and took up residence in the dying forest of Macalania. Guado can breed with humans; Seymour was, himself, half-human, an effort on Jyscal's part to foster friendship between Humans and the Guado.

They do not have any overwhelming skill in magic or in fighting, but are suited to fit into whatever role they are needed in. Like most humans in fantasy fiction, they are described as an ethnically and politically diverse species.

They are a docile, amphibious race. They have blue skin and a characteristic manner of speaking which makes most of their speech sound slurred. The Hypello live primarily in and around the area of the Moonflow. Though extremely quick and agile swimmers, they are curiously the only race in Spira that does not participate in blitzball tournaments, as their "lackadaisical disposition draws them to less strenuous pastimes", or, put more simply, because of their laid-back nature. Many other people find it hard to tell Hypello apart, male and female.


They are a race of blue furred, lion-like humanoids who live on Mt. Gagazet, which they consider sacred and guard fiercely. Ronso are formidable warriors, being very tall and amazingly strong, and are known for their strong sense of honor and loyalty, as well as their pride and quickness to anger. The long, sharp horn sported by all adult male Ronso is a symbol of esteem and a source of great pride to the wearer, and to lose this horn is considered extremely shameful. Kimahri Ronso, one of Yuna's guardians in Final Fantasy X, is something of an outsider among his people, being of comparatively small stature and having previously lost his horn in a fight with one of his peers. Near the end of Final Fantasy X, Seymour Guado ravaged through Mt. Gagazet and killed all in his path in pursuit of Yuna. He killed many Ronso in his ascent up the slope, including Maester Kelk Ronso (the current elder). After the start of the Eternal Calm, Kimahri returned to Gagazet to help rebuild his home and restore his people's honor. He was named elder of the tribe by his kinsmen, and has been on Gagazet ever since. But the events of Seymour's destruction cause sparks of hatred and plans of revenge among the recovering Ronso tribe. Filled with hatred for the slaughter of their people, the Ronso youth despised the Guado, whom they felt were responsible for supporting Seymour as their leader.
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Character Races
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