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 Blaze The Chocobo Knight

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PostSubject: Blaze The Chocobo Knight   Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:51 am

[Name: Blaze(suspected to be an alias)]
[Nick name: Blaze]
[Race: Half-Ronso]
[Height: 6'3]
[Weight: 230]
[Eyes: Red]
[Hair: Blue]
[Skin: Tan]
[Age: 25]
[Profession: Chocobo Knight]
[Alignment: Lawful Good]
[Piercings: None]
[Tattoos: none but plenty of scars]
[Place of birth: Luca]
[Theme songs: 3 Doors Down - Citizen Soldier]

A large imposing man, Blaze often says he is the final line of defense for those who can not defend themselves. Given one look at this mans size and strength there is no doubt in the conviction of this statement. Born from refugees running the entire life from sin he has grown tired of the chaos despair and pain he saw around him. At an early age he begun picking up arms and fighting to protect the innocent from the many hordes of sin. Having chosen a life of self sacrifice he was noticed by a small group doing what they could to protect the world from sin, The chocobo knights. Having finished his basic training he has been sent out in the world to put his skills to use, and if the others fail to pick up where they left off and keep the fight going. No retreat, No surrender, No one left behind no matter how bleak the situation he will run headlong towards the threat without a look back.
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Blaze The Chocobo Knight
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