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 Yasharyn ''The lady edged''

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PostSubject: Yasharyn ''The lady edged''   Sun Aug 03, 2008 8:28 am

[Name: Yasharyn]
[Surname: None/Unknown]
[Nick name: ''The lady edged'' ''Rain'']
[Height: 5'6]
[Weight: Likely never finding out]
[Eyes: Purple]
[Hair: Extremly long Raven black]
[Skin: Pale]
[Age: Unknown, seems around 20]
[Profession: Black Mage]
[Alignment: Chaotic Neutral]
[Piercings: Ears]
[Tattoos: Right hand covered in odd design]
[Place of birth: Unknown]
[Theme songs: Charon - Rain]


The dark clad lady stood with elegance an beauty unmatched pale skin like flawless marble, eyes like briliant amethysts and hair that flowed down reaching nearly the ground by its lenght, perfectly kept with its mid night black hue only adding to the dark complex of the lady even with her beauty she seemed...most unsetling like warning to steer clear from, if one would aproach her choosing words carefuly would be adviced as she was quick to give taunts and indirect insults to others, however less inclined to do so to those who were kind ro her thus the nick ''lady edged'' as in elegant as she was and sharp with her words however that wasen't all of her call names also refered as ''Rain'' at times, shes seen occasionally in the Rainy night simply staring off in space people call her mournful for this yet she didn't seem to show any rather curious and lively even at times as she was. Cloaked in utter mystery not many tend to learn of her truly and not many are willing to do so either as she was after all rather unpleasent person unless you knew how to aproach her, even then being prepeared for playful taunts should be expected. Black mage as she was she despised utter violence and saw magic as true beautiful way to destroy and level down anything and anyone who would stand against her, shunned and despised for being who she was Yasharyn hardly showed true kindness to others regardless the rare occasions came to be.

((Updating later for actual story of hers))
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Posts : 53
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PostSubject: Re: Yasharyn ''The lady edged''   Tue Aug 05, 2008 6:38 am

Short History

Yasharyn was born at the setlement in thunder plains and this is where she lived aswell most of her live near guadosalam being friendly enough people as they were even though herself being not but a human the day her story really began was not too far from her 10'th birth day. In a tragic scene of Sin once more being the reason that her family passed on, mother, father and her sister being that day playing with the guados. Once she get home she couldnt understand what had hapened terror and sadness beyond words made her weep for days, she was told of the farplane however that she could meet her family there. Being enough reason for Yasharyn she sneaked past the guados to the Farplane to where she stayed for days some of the friendly guados didnt want to seperate her from the false vision of her dead parents understanding it all too well what she was going trough therefore providing her with food and other needs to survive. Therefore Yasharyn made Farplane her home, she lived with the dead for years like this she forgot everything else something...drwing her to it eventually the guado grew concerned of her living in teh farplane wondering if its safe for her they tried to bring her away therefore but was met by enraged Yasharyn casting black magic that she shouldn't even know at the guado, they left her be being scared aswell as curious of the humans child learning in the farplane learning the deads knowledge, it was in the seventh year in the farplane when she was finally dragged out by force of more experienced casters of the guado once outside the gates of Farplane Yasharyn in sheer hared of being dragged from her home somehow opened another gate, it was similiar to the farplane yet not it was the gate to the other side, she had tapped into the very power of the death and passing, this gate swallowed the guado into the farplane with her from where the dimensional pocket of sorts took the guados lives, the result was several innocent guado dead for helping her. No longer she could be even concidered as something to observe, fearing what might come of the girl she was cast out of Guado salam. Traveling trough the lands she didnt know where to go after her exile, turning to the footsteps of the old she harbors no hate to Sin, Sin only thought her a valuable lesson in her eyes rather now she wants to travel the same path Yuna and her guardians did 10 years ago deciding to start in besaid she found herself in the town, her nature turned more edged spiteful person who dislikes everyone that doesent like her, making her even harder to like shes hard to get to know by now but allways repays kindness with her own.
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Yasharyn ''The lady edged''
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