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 Cooro Shiro

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PostSubject: Cooro Shiro   Sun Aug 03, 2008 1:51 am

Name:Cooro Shiro
Age:26 range
Hair Color:Red

Cooro was a teenager when sin was defeated but he had family that had fought sin years before that but were killed.After he lost his family he became angry and took it out on everyone but one day a stranger named Iosuke came to his town of Djose and gained the trust of cooro due to him knowing his parents and cooro eventually joined the guardians at the young age of 15.After a few years however Iosuke was killed by the guardians claiming him to be a heretic who used machina due to his unusual blade that was made with forbidden machina which led cooro to leave the guardians at the age of 16 which sin was defeated shortly after.Cooro traveled the lands helping rebuild the land and helping clear the land of fiends until the day he arrived in besaid.Though his friend and mentor Iosuke was killed by the guardians he never really shows open hatred for them but he doesnt seem to be a fan of the church of yevon who made the scriptures in the first place though he judges people on a person to person basis.He can always be seen with a huge sword which he uses with incredible strength.
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Cooro Shiro
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