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 Iratus Angelus

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PostSubject: Iratus Angelus   Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:49 am

Name: Trivil Heshan
Alias: Iratus Angelus
Meaning: Wrathful Angel
Origin: Esteemed titled earned upon the battlefield.
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Place of Birth: Besaid Village
Place of Residence: Wanderer.
Job: Formerly a ranking Captain of the Crusaders. Now nothing more than a vagabond with a blade.
Interests: Attonement...
Dislikes: People who aren't serious when they need to be. Drinking.
Weapon: Scythe.
Class in Game: Fighter/WM
Eyes: Baby Blue
Hair: Auburn
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 230 lbs

History: A ranking Captain of The Crusaders during Operation Mi'hen. At it's predictable failure, and the loss of his men, he ran. Fearing the punishment that Yevon would bring upon him for not only placing his men in danger, but also using an Ancient Machina to aid the fight against Sin. Ten years later after the incident, Trivil spends his days as a wanderer. Constantly in search of a way to bring honor back to his fallen allies, and to attone for the sin he had committed in aiding his fellow Crusaders in using a Machina.

It is rumored he gained his nickname from a battle against a few Al Bhed within the Calm Lands months prior to Operation Mi'hen. His company swooped in and decimated the opposition with little resistance, and one onlooker made the remark "He looked like an fayth of Wrath, unchallenged in his charge." Thus his company began calling him 'Iratus Angelus'. The Wrathful Angel.
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Iratus Angelus
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