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 The Hierarchy of Yevon

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PostSubject: The Hierarchy of Yevon   Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:38 am

At the top of Yevon’s hierarchy is the grand maester (総老師, sōrōshi?, lit. "old master general") an office similar to that of a Pope. As of the events of Final Fantasy X, Grand Maester Yo Mika had held the position for fifty years. The Grand Maester is both religious and political leader of Spira, being in command of a large army of warrior monks with which Yevonite government is enforced.

Below the grand maester are three positions simply referred to by the title "maester" (老師, rōshi?, lit. "old master") a station similar to that of a Cardinal. The maesters have many duties within the Yevon order including making laws, presiding over Yevon’s High Court, and overseeing Yevon's civil, military, and spiritual affairs. A representative of each of Spira's three main races serves as a maester: Maester Wen Kinoc represents the regular humans; Maester Seymour Guado represents the Guado; and Maester Kelk Ronso represents the Ronso tribe.

The next step down are the priests of Yevon. Their job is to attend to the temples throughout the land. Each temple has a high priest who presides over the temple and its staff, much like an abbot or head monk. Maester Seymour himself is the high priest of Macalania Temple. Many priests are summoners or former summoners, and tend to wear multicolored vestments of white, green and orange. Additionally, with the exception of Maester Seymour, male priests bear shaven heads while female priests retain their hair.

Below the priests are the summoners (召喚士, shōkanshi?), a position that is something of a cross between a saint and a miko. Summoners are charged with the greatest responsibility of all: to journey to Zanarkand, obtain the Final Aeon and destroy Sin, and thus giving Spira a decade of Calm before Sin returns. Summoners also perform the sending, the ritual that guides the souls of the dead to peace on the Farplane. The title of "high summoner" (大召喚士, daishōkanshi?) which was always given posthumously until High Summoner Yuna brought the Eternal Calm, refers to summoners who have defeated Sin.

Lastly, Yevon has a number of acolytes, similar to deacons or nuns. They work throughout Spira performing various duties for the temples.

(Yevons Teachings were diminished after the beginning of the Eternal Calm.)
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The Hierarchy of Yevon
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