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 Custom Classes Wipe Information (Update)

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DM Jecht

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PostSubject: Custom Classes Wipe Information (Update)   Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:02 pm

Hello Players,

Its come to my attention that most of you, if not all of you no longer see the point of coming to play on the server if you see that your character is going to be wiped.

So i offer anybody this, That your character will be reimbursed with its levels, Gold, Items, Overdrives, Spells, abilities. Etc on the date of the Custom Class Release.

The Character Dedication Prize is still available and anybody who is dedicated will be rewarded Special Limited Edition items that will help you immensely. And you still will be rewarded a free prestige class.

-All Levels returned
-All Gold returned
-All Items returned
-All Overdrives returned
-All Spells, Abilities, Techs
-Limited Edition Items given out (Gear)
-Free Custom Prestige class

I truly hope to see most of you guys stick around, and i thank most of you who has supported me and helped me get an eye from the players perspective. Cya Soon!

~DM Jecht

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Custom Classes Wipe Information (Update)
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