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 The Pyreflies

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DM Jecht

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PostSubject: The Pyreflies   Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:33 am

Pyreflies are a mysterious, naturally occurring phenomenon that heavily influence the world of Spira at large. Heavily prevalent throughout Spira, these "bundles of life energy"are closely associated with death and other spiritual events and entities. As they are depicted as floating, flickering balls of light, they are possibly inspired by the Japanese culture's long-standing tradition in which fireflies are regarded as a symbol of impermanence and the human soul.

Though they have been harnessed to many uses, both good and ill, they appear to lack self-awareness and any identifiable agenda in their inert form. In this respect, they would seem to be nothing more than an aspect of nature, permeating everything and everyone in Spira. Pyreflies are usually invisible, but can be seen when a fiend is killed or when a summoner performs a sending (in which the spirits of the dead are sent back to the Farplane, Spira's core). Despite their rare appearances elsewhere, they are regularly seen around the Moonflow area of Spira or within the Farplane. The Al Bhed hold a theory that pyreflies are responsible for images of the dead that appear on the Farplane, believing that pyreflies react to a person's memories and show them images of people they knew. However, only images of the dead and specifically the dead whose pyreflies have been sent to the Farplane will appear.

Summoners are able to manipulate pyreflies in the formation of aeons[ and in the sending of the souls of the dead due to an inherent affinity for harnessing and channeling spiritual energy. Only a few people on Spira have "the gift" of being able to manipulate spirit energy to form aeons, although there are many humans and fiends around Spira who can harness this magical energy to perform magic spells. The Guado especially have an affinity for this, due to their race having lived in close proximity to the Farplane for generations. However, very few black mages and white mages are able to become summoners, and even fewer can withstand the hardships of a summoner's pilgrimage and become high summoners, the honorific title given to the summoners who completed their pilgrimage and defeated Sin.
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The Pyreflies
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