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 Character Dedication Prize

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DM Jecht

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PostSubject: Character Dedication Prize   Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:22 pm

As with the recent news of Custom Classes. Ive noticed people are not playing due to the fact that they have the idea in their head that there is no purpose playing your characters because "they will be wiped".

Yes they will be wiped, but your characters RP Tokens, Unlockables, etc will be transferred back to your character. All your characters that you have made will still be able to be kept. Your character development will be kept. Meaning you will not have to start over plot wise with your characters.

Another thing is, I'm rewarding people who play From now 9/3/2009 to the time of the offical release of the Custom Classes; whats called a "Character Dedication Prize". Meaning if you stay active within the server, with your character, You get Limited Edition Items, 10 Additional Levels, 100k Gold, 1 free Prestige Class, and Etc.

The requirements to make you eligible for the Character Dedication Prize are...

1. Remain active on the server, being missing for more then 2 days
2. Participate in any if not all DM Events.
3. RP actively.
4. Keep your Character Bio updated with a background story.

You must accomplish 2-3 out of the four listed to be able to be granted the Character Dedication Prize.

Additionally, i will haver a thread up at the time of the Custom Class release, where you must post which character you want to be given the Character Dedication prize, from there i will go over the requirements and evaluate.

More or less, if you just stay active and RP consistently. you will be granted the prize. The thread is so i don't forget anybody. I hope to see you guys ingame Soon!

~Dm Jecht~
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Character Dedication Prize
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