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 Torrn Scarth

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PostSubject: Torrn Scarth   Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:31 am

Name:Torrn Scarth
Class:Cleric/Fighter/Monk (Paladin IG)
Siblings:He had a brother Fein Scarth who was ambushed by multiple flans and died.
Alignement:Friendly, can get mad easily
Interests: Girls,Drinking,Magic,Killing
Dislikes:People who think they are the best,Yelling,being a follower
Weapon:Greatsword/Carrys around a shotgun as range.
Facial hair:Blonde Beard
Weight:266 LBS

History:When torrn was 17 Him and His deciesed brother Fein used to train all day and all night non stop and Torrn Learned how to use healing magic when his brother cut him in multiple areas. Torrn learned about death magic after his father Died he promised his father that he would kill the one that killed him and he did..With Death Magic.Torrn heard about a game called blitzball and ended up in besaid.
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Torrn Scarth
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