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 Niyoku Ronso, The Outcast

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PostSubject: Niyoku Ronso, The Outcast   Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:48 pm

~||Characteristic Details||~

Name : Niyoku
Age : ???
Height : 6'3"
Weight : 340 lbs
Eye Colour : Golden
Hair Colour : Raven Black
Fur Colour : Midnight Blue
Race : Ronso


~||Appearance Details||~


She has beautiful eyes that no man could ever overlook, eyes of a glorious goldenrod colour that seems to twinkle even in the dark. Her body is toned heavily, as she's had obvious training. Her body weight is 340, even though around 60% is her actual muscle weight. Her body is usually coated in heavy obsidian chainmail, which is oddly light and sturdy. Her hair is pitch black, which shimmers elegantly in the moonlight. She doesn't seem to have any piercings, yet she does have a large tattoo that seems to show up over the fur, on her right shoulder. An eagle marking her freedom. She doesn't seem to have a horn, like the other Ronso.


~||Personality Details||~


She's a kind, yet steadily violent Ronso, and has recently not taken a liking to Humes due to a series of recent events. She seems to like the night, and killing fiends. She seems afraid of Sin, yet is willing to fight against it, should it become revived in some way. She does not believe in any higher power, whether it be Yevon or another. She has much honour for her tribe, though being an outcast, it's impossible for her to return to them. She also seems to like flowers.




Snow fell heavily around Mount Gagazet, The Guardian of Zanarkand. Niyoku's birth was sudden, as she had a difference between the Ronso and herself - She was born without a horn. Odd yes, and it brought up many rumours, such as talk of a curse being spread to the tribe. Her difference made it that much harder to make friends as she grew, and made it harder for her to survive, seeing as she had not a single Ronso to look to, if she were hungry.

She trained and struggled through the blizzard and hunger, and eventually surpassed several of the other Ronso around her at a very young age. She felled fiend twice her size, and thrice as powerful. Yet, curious as she was, she made a horrible mistake. She entered the Holy Summit without permission from Elder Khimari. This made the Ronso angry with her, and she was classified as a heretic. She was exiled from Mount Gagazet for the remainder of her life.

She moved on with her life, and found happiness elsewhere. That place is Besaid Village, one of the quietest, and smallest places in all of Spira. There she made companions, and found several fiend to keep her occupied. None, however, seem to match her strength, she doesn't seem to care.



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Niyoku Ronso, The Outcast
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