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 Raiden Guado (Now with Picture!)

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PostSubject: Raiden Guado (Now with Picture!)   Wed Aug 26, 2009 11:57 am

Name: Raiden
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Hume Half-Guado
Age: 19
Class: Black Mage

###Physical Appearance###

Raiden is an average sized teenager with little or no muscle on him at all. Due to being half-Guado his arms and fingers are longer then the average Hume's and his hair grows wild and white. The rest of his body represents any other Hume you may have met. Although his hair is messy and he bears Guado characteristics he is oddly good looking and brings a certain charm to any room he enters.


Growing up in the dying forest of Macalania was hard for Raiden, his Hume mother died after giving birth to him and his father didn't care much for children. He quickly became very attention seeking and was always the loudest person in the room. During his school years his stunts and plees for attention were met with nothing but hate and bullying, Raiden didnt havnt a single friend or family member to talk to. The Library and the books within were the only company Raiden had and it wasnt long before he spent every waking moment within its walls. It wasnt till he reached the age of thirteen that he discorverd a new type of script that would change his life forever, Magika Scrolls. Ancient tomes that taught the reader how to cast the very Magic that he would grow to love. Raiden wasnt the brightest of people. his Obsession with reading and the constant bullying had meant that he had never really concentrated in school. It took years of Self-Training to finally tap into the secrets of the scrolls and learn the Magika. soon after this he felt that there was nothing left for him in Macalania apart from a father that didnt love him and bad memories so he headed to Besaid for a fresh start.

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PostSubject: Overdrives   Thu Aug 27, 2009 4:31 am



###Requested Overdrives###

Level 1: Elemental Fury
Elements: Thunder/Ice/Fire/Water
Description: Raiden would cast Fire, Blizzard, Water and Thunder all at the same time for a devistating Magic attack.
Damage: 4d6
Stat Bonus: +3 to attack rolls
Status Effects: The Target is Burnt, Stunned(DC14CON) and has -1 on rolls for a turn.

Raiden is Exhausted after using this attack so cannot attack or defend for one turn.

Damage= -8 points
Stat Bonus = -3 points
Status Effects = -3 points
USER Exhaust = +4 points

Total Points Spent = 14

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PostSubject: Spells   Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:55 am

###Teir 1###
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PostSubject: Re: Raiden Guado (Now with Picture!)   

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Raiden Guado (Now with Picture!)
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