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 Li Yang's Bio

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PostSubject: Li Yang's Bio   Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:53 am

Name: Li Yang
Sex: Male
Age: Something along the lines of early twenties.
Place of Birth: He doesn't know. Razz
Place of Residence: Nowhere specific, wherever he can lay down his head and close his eyes.
Intrests: Practice of martial arts. (Duh)
Dislikes: Annoying people, crowds,
Weapon: Fists, feet, head, knee and whatever else part he can hit the enemy with >.>.
Class in Game: Monk.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Pitch black, kinda messy, not trimmed.
height: 6'1"
weight: 150 lbs.

Short biography: As it can quickly be noticed, Li isn't a commonly seen person, be it because of his appearance, be it because of his manners. Rustic-looking, not as sociable as one would like him to be (he hates crowds that much, yes Razz), he looks like he's more used to living in the wilderness than cities, which is true. As far as he knows, he was found, still a baby, in a cradle left in the woods. The old errant man who adopted him as his own never revealed such until the moment of his death, instead focusing on, throughout the young kid's life, into teaching him the principles of a good life, such as temperance, respect, charity, who to pay respects for, and on how to build his body to be a real temple for his soul through the practice of martial arts. Even not following much of a religious stream, he has the habit of paying respects to his ancestors whenever he finds a temple, as he says that "even not knowing them in life, he's sure that they know who he is, and protect him from wherever they are".
When the time of Li's old stepfather passing approached, the only material good left by the old man to Li was a small pendant, with a small jade statue of a sitting, laughing wiseman carved on the jade stone, with three peculiar, empty spaces, one on its forehead, the other where his heart would be, and the other on the back of his right hand. After putting such amulet around Li's neck, he gives Li several recommendations, and after expressing his last wishes to the devoted son, he utters: "I leave you with the three most important treasures a man could seek: Your health, your conscience, and your strong sprit. Let those guide you into a brighter future. It's time for you to depart, and learn to live within the presence of others, as no man can live well being alone."
A few days after cremating his stepfather's body, as it was the old man's last wish, and mourning, Li departed from the place where they used to camp, in the wilderness, quite uncertain of what does life has to offer him, or throw at him, for that matter.
Taking the next ship to Besaid, he sat down for his usual meditation, on the deck, but the thought of this little pendant around his neck troubled him so much, and as he decided to contemplate it, whirling it lightly inbetween his fingers, he saw a small inscription on the statue's back, written: "The biggest treasure lies in Harmony". With the thought of this phrase stuck to his head, he begins his search for answers.
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PostSubject: Re: Li Yang's Bio   Sun Sep 06, 2009 3:22 pm

Name of character: Li Yang
Name of Overdrive: 龙的愤怒哈 (Long Di Fen Nu Ha) - Dragon wrath's breath

Weapon being used for overdrive: Hands (as Li uses them to project his chi)

Element: Physical/chi

In-depth Description of Overdrive: The green jewel attached to Li's amulet begins shining brightly, and he closes his eyes and concentrates, inhaling a very long, deep breath, as his hands begin glowing while they're placed together in a motion of him going to push something quite heavy forwards with them (you know, the hadoken motion). Meanwhile, chi courses from the rest of his body to concentrate between his hands, forming a growing ball, that becomes surrounded by symbols (龙的愤怒哈, which orbit around the sphere), then he thrusts his arms forward, forming a stream of circular, continuous chi is expelled from his hand at the same time when he opens his eyes and lets out a strondous "kiai", before he falls exhausted on his knees, taking some time to recompose himself.

Damage and effects of Overdrive: Drain (+4), 3d10 + 1d4 (-13) + stun for one round (-1).

Overdrives background: The Overdrive seems to be intrinsically linked with the amulet Li carries around his neck, the greem gem and the piece of scroll he found with the monk after their battle in the grove, as the gem reacted glowing instantly as Li "accidentally" performed the technique instead of a normal chi projection, sending the monk crashing against the waterfall. The scroll would be unreadable to most everyone besides Li, as his father taught him the language and alphabet written in the scroll. If asked, and he is in the mood to answer, he'll explain that the scroll is some type of manual containing martial arts techniques. More about the story to come. Razz
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Li Yang's Bio
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