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 somsak 'Zellgadis' Sayavong

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PostSubject: somsak 'Zellgadis' Sayavong   Sun Aug 23, 2009 9:02 am

Name: Zellgadis
Height: 5'10
age: 24
Hair color: Red
Build: Athletic muscular
Skin tone: Golden
Eye color: Both Gold
Tattoos : Black Dragon down his chest.
Race: Hume

Born to a poor family in Kilika , his parents journeyed to Besaid and left him in the temples care. At age ten he ran away. Lost in the woods he encountered Fiends. it nearly cost him his life. Luckily he was rescued by a dark knight. The man never gave zellgadis his name. He instructed Zell in the arts. at age 15 he fought his first fiend and destroyed it. at twenty he was on his way to kilika when a storm washed him from the ship. He washed up on shore in Lucca, where a albhed family nursed him back to health. He gained his love for machina from them. he lived with them till he was 24. he called them mother and father. but one night there was a riot and a radical group of yevonites murdered them. Zellgadis survived by fighting tooth and nail to escape. half a year later he was brought low by Zarka. as he faded into the darkness some where some how something drew him back to the world of the liveing, this time his dark powers emerging.
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somsak 'Zellgadis' Sayavong
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