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PostSubject: Strato/Crow   Sat Aug 22, 2009 3:22 am



Class:Dark Knight



Theme Song:Animal i have become

Bio:Strato was born to an Al Abhed Mother and a Hume Father, When he was about 6 His Father Began training Him to become a Dark knight. After the Harsh Training He Ended Up Leaving in Search of Adventure and Battle. After About a Year of Wandering he Inlisted in the army. Soon After He was Ordered By His commander to Find a Black Mage named Damicus and Kill him. So Strato Hunted and Hunted until one day he found the mage roaming in the ruins of an Old Castle. He Set a Trap for him but the mage was too Powerful and Defeated Strato. As Punishment for trying to kill him, He Placed a Spell on Strato That Erased His Memories Until Certain Conditions Where Met. After his Encounter With the Mage Strato Woke up In a Forest outside a Small Village Called Besaid..

Name of Overdrive:Flaming Rage

Weapon being used for overdrive:Any Bladed Weapon

Elemental type, If any:Fire

In-depth Description of Overdrive:Strato Body Temperature Becomes Extreamly Hot As To Set him and His Blade on Fire Without Causing Any Harm. After the Fire Starts He Can Dash At the Enemy At a High Speed And Send his SWord Down Upon Them with Great Strength.

Damage and effects of Overdrive: 1d4 Fire Damage Added onto the Regular Damage +5 Strength For the Attacking Round.
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