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 Kozan Ronso

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PostSubject: Kozan Ronso   Wed Aug 19, 2009 2:37 pm

Name: Kozan Ronso
Nickname: None yet
Race: Ronso
Sex: Male
Fur Color: Brown
Head Fur Color: Brown
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 9' 0"
Weight: 400 lbs.
Age: 18

Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: The Ronso he grew up near (Assumes all Ronso fit this category), Being touched, Intolerant People
Hobbies: Training

Brief Background: The freezing winds of Mount Gagazet blow harshly on any non-native that dares visit its icy peaks. It is the home of the Ronso, blue fured lion resembling beasts. The Ronso are known through books to be a civilized but brutal race. They speak with semi-literate grammer making them seem more barbaric. They are generally large, strong, and of brawd stature. They by tradition all have the last name Ronso. They are a very tightly woven group and accept every new born Ronso into their clan, except one. Kozan Ronso was born without a father and a deathly ill mother that died in the process of his birth. Her illness was grave and she would have died even without having a baby. Quite unfortunatly her problems were passed onto her son to a lesser degree. He was born with brown fur and with a look more resembeling a jackal than a lion as well as an abnormally large size, thus many refused to believe he was even Ronso. The majority of the clan Ronso accused his dead mother of breeding with a human which resulted in this... monstrosity. Kozan Ronso had no family to take care of him and was shunned by the other Ronso as a monster. However.. one Ronso couldn't bring himself to allow this young one to be left to die in this frozen wasteland. Toyak Ronso, a lesser member of the council forgave his dream to become their village's leader in order to take care of Kozan. Brought up with a foster parent that was always busy with counciling matters he spent most of his time alone in solitude as none of the other Ronso would dare get near him. With his life of solitude came his attitude of hate and impatience. He spent his lonely days training alone in a field of snow his foster father set up for him. He has on occasion gotten in brawls with some of the other Ronso because he was an outsider to them. The illness he was born with has never effected his ability to fight. At age 18 his foster father died of old age and he had nobody to take care of him so he set out away from Mount Gagazet into unknown lands to make his own way in the world as far away as possible from the other Ronso. He wonders if anybody in the world beyond his secluded life on Mount Gagazet is better than the Ronso he has come to hate. It seems, he will have him answer soon.

Note: Any Ronso who lived on Mt. Gagazet during his time there (The last 18 years) then they would know about him by the stories parents used to scare their children into behaving about the monster Ronso that would come and eat them if they were bad. (Most likely they could identify him as the monster Ronso upon view by their parent's descriptions)

Another Note: To all those he has told his nickname is Ronsor or the preferred Nuhcun (al bhed) because that is what all the Ronso called him his entire life.

A Third Note: Yes Kozan is very smart for a Ronso because he spent his entire life alone and spent his time learning and training.

Requested Overdrives:

Eyes of Fear: The overdrive version of terrifying rage... Kozan can stare at people with his abnormal eyes insiting fear in them causing paralysis or need to run.. Intimadate vs Will (Just like terrifying rage)

More to come...
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Kozan Ronso
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